Wrap up the Twine!

Wrap up the Twine!

Gi nathlam hi,

After such a long pause from my posts, I’ve prepared for you a DIY. Today I’ll tell you how to make this decorated bottle with very few materials. Have fun!

First of all, these are the things you’ll need, but note that some of them you may change, because this decoration isn’t with strict rules and particular materials.

Some notes about the materials

  • the main thing is, here it comes…a bottleyou can choose your favorite bottle. It could be every size you like and note that the colour doesn’t matter at all, because you’ll cover it with twine
  • the twine…I think you know what it is and you’ll do well with the discovering and buying  of the twine roll
  • the beads can be any kind, colour, form and material you like
  • the universal glue is suitable for this case, because it dries slowly. For the job you’ve taken, this is an advantage, because the process of wrapping the bottle is slow and delicate
  • for this glue you’ll need an old brush, because when you’re finished with the gluing the glue will harden and you’ll have to throw away the brush or if you manage to clean the brush it won’t be suitable for drawing any more, but only for applying glue.
  • the super glue is for the beads and for the ends of the twine cord
  • the purposes of the scissors are well known, I expect :)
And now…

Step 1: With the brush apply the universal glue on the bottom of the bottle. Remember, don’t put glue too far on the bottle, because the wrapping is a slow process and it needs precision. Put a glue ring on the bottom about one finger (width). 

Step 2: Start rounding the twine cord . Here are some tips:

  1. With one of your thumbs press the twine cord at all times, because you don’t want it to slip or to do it all over again.
  2. When you make a couple of twists around the bottle, check if it’s perfectly round. It’s hardest in the beginning, but if you accomplish the perfect ring at the bottom of the bottle, the rest will be easier.
  3. If you need, put glue frequently. Don’t worry, this glue washes off very easily, so don’t bother if your fingers are with a thick layer of glue and twine hairs.

Step 3: When you finish with the wrapping, leave the bottle for a couple of hours or the best and most secure way is to leave it overnight, because this way you’ll be sure that the universal glue is completely dry. So this step is about your vision of the bottle: applying the beads or whatever decorations you’ve chosen. It’s the easiest step, all you need to do is carefully pick you beads and decide where you’ll put them. Do this before you use the super glue, because it dries extremely fast and you could ruin you beads if you decide to put them somewhere else. Put a drop of the super glue and spread your imagination all over the twine wrapped bottle.



And at last…here is my decorated bottle, which I made for my father’s birthday. It was in October, but I needed a lot of time to write this post, because it’s not an easy job…just kidding! :)


So, friends, if you ever decide to make something like this or if you have already done your version, I’ll be extremely grateful and happy if you share it with me here. :)


Good luck and have wonderful and happy days!!!