Wire Jewelry

Wire Jewelry

Hi! Here is a very original and easy idea for jewelry. For this you don’t need many materials and you can make it in any color you like.

First I’ll start with the things you’ll need. For a start choose some kind of wire, but remember that it shouldn’t be very heavy, especially for the earrings. You’ll also need pliers of some kind, so that you could bend the wire more easily.

You’ll also need beads to put inside of the wire balls. The beads are optional, though, because the wire balls are also beautiful without the beads inside. Choose the beads by any colour or material, you could put in the balls beads that are in contrast colour from the wire or beads that are in the same colour. You’ll need cord for the earrings and the necklace. the cord can be from anything you want: it could be leather, cord or even some kind of lace. You’ll also need earring pegs that I forgot to photograph.

Step one: Make an ear from the wire like it’s shown on the picture. You’ll need that ear to hang the wire balls on the cord you’ve chosen.Step two: Start with a structure on which you will continue to wrap the wire and make a thicker wire ball.

Step three: Don’t forget to put the beads at some point.Step four: When you have made the wire ball with the beads in it you can thread in the cord you’ve chosen through the wire ears you made in step one. At this point you can choose the length of the earrings and the necklace as you like.

Step five: Put the ear pegs on the earrings and tighten them with the pliers.

Step six: Show off as much, as you like! :)

In the end you should make something like this: