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DIY: rabbit origami

DIY: rabbit origami


Hello again!

Sorry I was off for a few days, but here in Bulgaria we’re having protests for saving the forests. Three days ago our politicians admitted a controversial law allowing building ski resorts in every forest. http://www.euronews.com/2012/06/14/several-arrests-after-bulgaria-forestry-law-approved/ this link is from the first day, yesterday (the third protest day) we were more than 2000 people calling our president the place veto on the new law.

So..back on the crafting. In this post I’ll show you in pictures how to make a rabbit origami.

For this you’ll need two pieces of paper (any color you like or two sided paper). You’ll need two squares – one 6 inches(15sm) and the other 9 inches (22sm).

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