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Spotted necklace

Spotted necklace

Greetings earthlings!


Today I have for you a great idea that everyone can make at home and the best thing is that you don’t need some special materials. The idea is simple…spotted beads or just pieces of some materials on spots! In my case I have for you two big spotted beads which have a history. First I’ll share the story with you and then comes the DIY spotted beads.

When I was a graduate (high school) I wanted to make myself a pair of earrings that would go with my dress. My dress was very simple, light blue with pink, green and dark blue spots or splashes, I can’t label them perfectly :) .

So I started making the colours, this took me a lot of time, because I wanted the colors of the earrings to match the colours of the dress perfectly. Here is a piece from a photo from my graduation, I have cut only a tiny piece, so that you could see the pattern.

The funny thing is that at the end, after all that searching for the perfect match…. I decided not to wear them! Hahaha, all of that for nothing and probably you’d ask me “Why?”…it’s kinda silly, it’s because I have too much earrings on my ears and these colorful piece of jewelry I made wouldn’t go with everything else.

So…after a few years I decided I had to make something out of these colorful wooden beads. I thought they’d make a perfect necklace:

So, what do you think?

Now for all of you who are curious to know how to make yourself a couple of beads like this here’s the “secret”:

DIY Spotted Beads

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Wire Jewelry

Wire Jewelry

Hi! Here is a very original and easy idea for jewelry. For this you don’t need many materials and you can make it in any color you like.

First I’ll start with the things you’ll need. For a start choose some kind of wire, but remember that it shouldn’t be very heavy, especially for the earrings. You’ll also need pliers of some kind, so that you could bend the wire more easily.

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