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Posting from the past

Posting from the past

Hey babe, babe, babe…

This post is from my first blog. This past blog has only two post, but I like them both. This one is about one of my favorite bands that I even idolize.It’s a very interesting and controversial story about the naming of Led Zeppelin.

The Naming of the Rock Gods

 In the end of the summer of 1968Jimmy Page succeeded in selecting, finding and bringing together the members of  his project for a new supergroup,

which would later be named after the exclusive magical aircraft, which will fly them to the glorious land of blues-rock music.
After the final separation of The Yardbirds in the summer of ’68,Page and Chris Dreja (bassist ofThe Yardbirds) were left with the rights to the name “The Yardbirds”, british blues-rock band which had had the happiness to enter in it’s lines of musical history the names of great guitarists such as Eric ClaptonJeff Beck and Jimmy Page.
In mid-September ’68, the new group of Page was setting off to the Scandinavian tour, originally engaged for The Yardbirds, but with the name The New Yardbirds. When they returned, Chris Dreja told them that they can’t use the name anymore, because it was only for the tour. And here comes the story of the naming of the music gods …

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