Round and round we go!

Round and round we go!

Goooooood day to you all!

Today I have for you a pair of earrings made entirely out of beads (and thread to connect them of course).

They are not so hard to make, but if I have to be honest they took me a lot of time. Thet’s because I had no idea how to make them and all morning I was trying over and over again to find out how to arrange the beads in a circle. They were a lot of ‘variations’ which were looking ridiculous and if someone saw them, thay’d think I had problems with my hands or missing some fingers :D .

At the end I finally made it and even my mother liked them(she’s very picky). She said they look retro.

If someone has an interest in this earrings, you could write me and make an order. And if someone is curious and would like to know how to make a pair on your own, write me again and I’ll make a DIY post for them.

Have an incredible day!