DIY: rabbit origami

DIY: rabbit origami


Hello again!

Sorry I was off for a few days, but here in Bulgaria we’re having protests for saving the forests. Three days ago our politicians admitted a controversial law allowing building ski resorts in every forest. this link is from the first day, yesterday (the third protest day) we were more than 2000 people calling our president the place veto on the new law.

So..back on the crafting. In this post I’ll show you in pictures how to make a rabbit origami.

For this you’ll need two pieces of paper (any color you like or two sided paper). You’ll need two squares – one 6 inches(15sm) and the other 9 inches (22sm).

The first thing that I’m going to show you is the waterbonb base. In origami making some of the models need a previously made folding base, that’s not in the instructions of the model making. In this case for the body and head of your rabbit you’ll need the waterbomb base.

Waterbomb base:

Now we begin with the main part:

First we’re going to make the body of our bunny, so you’ll need the bigger square.

Step one: Fold C and D up to

Step two: Fold A and B back to E

Step three: Fold F to the right so it reaches a little after the shown fold. Repeat the same thing backwards with G.

Step four: Fold down the C corner. Repeat the same thing with the A corner.

Step five: Fold forward the little triangle like it’s shown on the picture and tuck it between the two layers of paper, which are gathered in F. Repeat the same thing on the backside with A.

And this is how it’s supposed to look like:

Step six: Fold H to the left, tucking the corner under F. Repeat the same thing on the back side with I.

Step seven: Fold down D to the H corner (or where it used to be on the previous picture). Repeat the same thing with B on the back.

Step eight:  Carefully blow into the hole below to blow out the body.

This is the body of you rabbit, hopefully it’ll have a head soon or it would be kinda creepy for a bunny look.

So now….let’s start with the smaller square piece of paper and make us a rabbit head.

Step one: Make the waterbomb base again and fold C and D up to E.

Step two: Fold F and G to the middle.

Step three: Fold down C and D.

Step four: Make the same so called “hidden fold” from step 5 of the rabbit body and tuck C and B in F and G and turn the paper.

How it’s supposed to look like:


•¤• When you turn the paper fold down B and A so it looks like a rabbit head looked from above. (I’m very sorry, but I forgot the photograph this step, but I’m sure that if you reached so far this won’t be a big loss for you :) )

Step five: Fold B and A again, but outwards, so that BA forms long horizontal edge below.(If you’re not sure what this means look at the next picture-step six and you’ll see)

Step six: Fold upwards B and A, like it’s on the photo, so that the bottom corner matches the middle fold. These are your rabbit ears.

Step seven: Carefully blow into the little hole that’s formed below (the same way you did with the rabbit body) to blow out the rabbit head.

So, this is the long-awaited head for you rabbit:

Now all you need to do is glue together the head and the body and voila you have a rabbit origami that you made all by yourself.  Congratulations!

The cool thing is that you can bend the ears to make your bunny look more authentic and even draw him eyes!