Peyote Beadwork

Peyote Beadwork

Welcome, Dear Readers!

A week ago, I had my most complicated and expensive order from one girl. She wanted a peyote beadwork bracelet. She described to me the form and size of the bracelet and she picked the colors, so after many long, but very entertaining hours I made this:



In the next lines I’ll tell you how to manage this by yourself.


I wanted to be sure the pattern is the same as the girl wated it. So with Corel Draw x6 I made four variations, so that she could pick one. She wanted the simplest pattern. Here it is:

red&green bracelet peyote beadworkm geometrical pettern


After the decision was made I had to have the beads arrangement, so that I won’t make a mistake, which would ruin the whole pattern. Don’t fool yourself, one bead can change everything! So, use Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and make yourself the beads arrangement. Make one perfect circle and duplicate it as many times as your bracelet needs. After that apply the colors and number the rows. And you’re ready to begin beadworking! Here is the geometrical pattern for this bracelet:



Now we’re ready to begin! Now you’ll need to either learn the peyote stitch or just refresh your memory. Here’s a helpful graphic:

This image is taken from firemountaingems site and it has no commercial purposes.

Now, you’ll need to buy some main materials as the necessary beads, for example. A presume that you have the rest, if you’re a passionate beadworker as I am.

Here are the materials I used:



There’s another way to thread the beads. If you don’t want to use a needle, just put some super glue on the tip of the crystal string, wait a few seconds to dry and cut it so that it resemblance the needle. The difference is that the needle is longer and it may not be comfortable for you to use it.


The bracelet I made is 8 sm. high and 16 sm. wide. It contains 900 beads and it took around 10 hours to make. It’s very fun and relaxing work to do.

After you’ve finished, connect the two edges and finish the circle, but be careful – stitch it twice, so that there is no chance of tearing it apart. The crystal string is very strong, but make this just in case.

Here are various angles of the bracelet:


Hope you’ll make many colorful bracelets like this for the summer, they’ll be a hit as the girl, who ordered it, said.




About an hour ago happened something very sad. The girl, who wanted the bracelet called me after I just gave it to her. She hit a hole in the park, her bicycle broke and now she’s in a hospital, because she smacked her face very hard. Do you know why she called me? To tell me that she’s very sorry, but the bracelet broke when she fell. I told her “F*ck the bracelet, I hope you’re OK and you’ll get well soon”. So, thank you Ani, I’m very sorry for what happened! Get well as soon as possible!