Little gift

Little gift

Here is a gift I decorated for my father! I won’t tell you what’s inside, you may guess on your own…

I love decorating presents in various ways, that makes the wrap like a second gift, don’t you think?

The red thing on the top is supposed to be a rooster origami.

This origami is designed by some american guy and I think that he rushed the decision of what kind a bird the paper should be, a little bit, because you may name it like any bird.

Any way, the other things as you cas see are flowers that I bought from a store, where they were priced cheaply because they were considered scrap. Win for me!

Here are some photos of the things I used for making the wrapping:

Here is one of the origami books I have and origami paper:

And these are two butterflies or bats like my mother assumed :)

Thank you for joining me and have a great day!