Jeans bag

Jeans bag


Before I start with the first sewing post, I’m obliged to warn you that in this crafting part I’m still a beginner. I have my books and my friend the misis and hopefully  in front of me lays a bright sewing future.

This is the last bag I sewed. The idea is not new at all, as my mom reminded me, but it’s still thoughtful in my opinion.

So…if you have a pair of old jeans, or jeans that you don’t like any more you can turn them into a bag. You only need to cut off the legs of the pants. The cool thing is that you can use the pockets as an extra in your bag.

I recommend you to choose a very colorful fabric for your lining, because you can accomplish great contrast between the authentic jeans color and the inside cloth. In my case I chose an old clover dress that I actually never wore.

I used some of the clover fabric on the lid of the bag as an accent and because I really like the combination between the colors. The rest of the making is in your hands, you can sew the bag in any form you like. The main thing of the jeans bag is to save the back pockets or those in front – it’s your choice and your jeans, because if you have holes in your front pockets it’s probably not the best idea to put them on your bag for use, but you can put them just for decoration.

 I accomplished this, but if you ever get inspired from this idea and make a bag from jeans I’d be very happy if you send me your creation.