Greeting cards for several holidays

Greeting cards for several holidays

Happy … Day!

I’m very happy to show you four greeting cards made with Corel Draw Graphics Suite x6 !

So the first one is an Easter Greeting Card, because this is the most recent holiday:

And here are the other three…

So, the Easter Greeting Card is drawn, it’s not a copy or made with different geometrical tools of the program. The stupid thing that I did, was that I forgot that I have a drawing tablet. It would have been much much easier if I used it instead of the mouse, but… :)


The second one I’ll share with you is a Birthday Greeting Card:

This is actually my first try with Corel Draw, Hope you like it and any comments and suggestions are welcome for all of the cards. :)

The third one, a Christmas Greeting Card. I know it’s far ahead, but that was my task in the university…greeting cards. :)

Last, but not least…a second Birthday Greeting card. It’s because birthdays are more common through out the year than any other holiday. :D

This one has a kind of an illusion effect, don’t you think?

Thank you for the attention and I’ll be glad to read responses.

Have a great start of the summer!