Grandma marchs’ decorations

Grandma marchs’ decorations


I have prepared a biiiiiiig post about a tradition and a holiday celebrated only in one particular country in Europe. Of course it’s a little information and a lot of pictures and ideas! Have fun…


So… I’ll begin with telling you a little about this tradition and it’s origins, which of course are pagan.

First of all I’ll reveal to you which is the country…it’s Bulgaria. it’s likely that you don’t know or you haven’t heard of this place and even don’t know where exactly it is. Well, it’s in eastern Europe, wright above a country you all have information about – Greece. It’s in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, between Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Greece and Macedonia.

You may wonder why I’m telling you about this particular holiday and country. It’s because I’m from Bulgaria and we all love this tradition, partially because it’s only ours and we fill it with a lot of meaning and emotion. In our language Grandma March is Baba Marta.

It’s told that Baba Marta is a sister or a wife of the great long-horned beetle (January) and the small long-horned beetle (February). She’s described as an old lady with a walking stick. She has very erratic behavior, so it’s said that the weather in March is always changing because of her moods. So in the old days people tried to please her with different rituals.

We begin celebrating from 1st of march and we give to each other martenitsas. Martenitsa is an amulet made from red and white wool, silk or cotton strings entangled together. The red symbolizes life and birth and the white anew and starting from the beginning. We give these decorations to each other to wish health and prosperity throughout the year.

The most common form of the martenitsa is a white boy and a red girl , which we call Pizho and Penda:


 Despite them, there are an enormous amount of variations, If you’re interested, just write “мартеница” in Google and you’ll see for yourself.

This year I decided to make bracelets and guess what… I made friendship bracelets. This took me a lot of time, because it’s easy to make one with 4 or 6 strings, but when you want to make 10 bracelets from 12 strings it takes many hours. I even calculated how many knots was the bracelet for my mother, they were over 1100!

So, enough with the talking! It’s time for pictures, but before that I just want to explain: above every photo I’ll put a link to the pattern, so if you like the result (the martenitsa bracelet) you could just make it yourself. The making is not hard at all, don’t be mistaken. It’s extremely easy, you just have to have a lot of patience and time. So, have fun!

This is the first and easiest one:

I used my mother for a hand model and here it follows….

the second one with “the pretzels”

The third one (I’ve arranged the photos in difficulty):

The forth one…

The fifth one (the strings are multiplying):

The sixth is even bigger…


And finally, my mother’s bracelet, which is my best creation for now.

So, I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and you found the information useful.

I wish you wonderful first spring days!

:) :) :)