Knot bracelets or so called friendship bracelets

Knot bracelets or so called friendship bracelets


Today I tried something new! The popular friendship bracelet.

I wanted for so long to try them and so I did. The thing is that I have only one color of this simple thread, but that’s not a problem, because when you try something new it’s better to do it with something not so expensive or valuable.

First I’ll tell you something for the origins of this kind of ‘jewelry’.

They are very much like the macrame knitting – but not exactly knitting or weaving, because it’s made only with knots. These bracelets became stars of the 70′s among teenagers in United States.

So, I’m very inspired and I intend to continue learning how to make these things. Here you’ll see my first try. I’ve made (from what I’ve read so far) the two most common and popular patterns. Have a great experience!



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