There’s something fishy…

There’s something fishy…

Fishy, or not fishy…

…you answer that question!

Here is my newest addition to the friendship bracelet learning section. 

I think that I have a little improvement from my first single color try.

Here is the beginning…

I started with the only colors I have, the primary colors. But not the ones we know from programs, photography and so on – the RGB, but those that you’ve learned for the first time probably at kindergarten or school: Red, Blue, Yellow.

These strings are false twine, they’re extremely thick (it’s impossible to tear them up), very flexible and soft.


«I began with 8 strings, 30 inches long…


…arranged them in the correct position…»



and started following the pattern

… but don’t forget to leave a little loop for the future fastener if you want it to be some kind of a bead. If you want to tie the bracelet to the wrist you won’t need the loop.

So, leaving the rainbow loop…»

I followed the pattern up to 3 fishies and decided to take a picture, just in case I left a fish out of the fishy family.

In the end I saw the things at the back in this “loving” way….

If you try this I’m pretty sure you could do even better considering the colors. Have fun!