DIY jewelry from leftovers

DIY jewelry from leftovers


To continue from before. As I promised I’ll tell and show you some hints and tips on how to make yourself a piece of jewelry from a little favorite object. In this way you’ll preserve the object and wear it with you in the form of something beautiful and unique…

From ancient times people believed that some objects could carry some unseen energy and  affect us in many ways. The history of many cultures shows that amulets or talismans heal, help or connect. Different tribes or nations have used this objects to help in times of illness, to carry with you for luck, or to hang somewhere to protect you.

I think that you have a little object in you home, or the room you sleep in in which you believe…you believe that it gives you luck or that it connects you with a person or an event.

Am I right?

If so, this post will give you an idea to preserve this object and to carry it with you in the form of an unique jewelry.

 Things you’ll need:

The main point I wish to share with you is that this thing could be made with leftovers. By leftovers I don’t mean junk, I  mean:

•some little objects that you love the look of, but you never find for what to use them


•little objects that you have drawn on and in the end you loved how they look (or didn’t), but never figured out what to do with them


•some little objects that you loved, but you’ve broke and saved only a piece of, strange beads that are one of a kind or even sea shells or similar things.


•beads, pallets, paillettes or similar things from which you have only a few left or haven’t found a use for

•threads, strings, ribbons that are very short to make a singular piece of jewelry, but you don’t have the heart to throw them away

Hints & Tips

When you pick your main trinket, amulet, talisman or whatever it is, remember these things:

»You want this jewelry to be mainly about your amulet so don’t suffocate it with colorful beads or other trinkets.

•When you choose the amulet, pick your thread or string on which you’re going to tie it, by the weight of the amulet. It’s very important, because if you wear this amulet and the string isn’t thick enough you could loose your favorite object.

»If you don’t have ideas for your necklace, bracelet or the jewelry you picked just make little knots on your string – this could make it simplified and in the same time original.

•If your talisman is very precious and you don’t want to scratch it or you’re still afraid that it could be ruined in some way, you could just wrap it in some kind of wire. This will make the jewelry interesting and protected. Here you could see how to do that.

»If your favorite object is from wood you could just carefully pick different simple wooden beads. In that way you’ll emphasize your trinket and in the same time it would still be the center of attention, because you’ll have it surrounded by it’s siblings. This applies for any other material from which your amulet is, of course.  Here is my choice.

•All of this applies not only for jewelry. You could make something out of your favorite amulet like a wall decoration, something to hang above your head (like the dream catcher appears for the Indians-an amulet which collects the bad dreams or energies) or just to enrich the look of your talisman.

If you make something out of your positively-charged object, don’t be shy and show it to me and the world!

Have fun and don’t go and fight the dark forces without your amulet, so wrap it, tuck it and tie it into something beautiful so you don’t make a fool of  yourself or loose it. :)



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