The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball


Today I’ll show you something I made 4 years ago and finished in a different way a couple of months ago.

It’s not exactly crafting, it’s a dozen of drawings later finished with Photoshop. By finished with Ps I don’t mean retouching them, I just cropped and organized them, but enough with the talking it’s time for showing…


In a few words… when I was finishing high school we had something like a thesis but in arts. We had to make the illustrations of a children’s book, a minimum of a dozen models with clothes and additional pictures of textiles and etc.

I chose the story of the CRYSTAL BALL by Brothers Grimm. Here’s a link to the story. link

I made the illustrations (20 pictures with water colours), but I didn’t had the time to make the cover so a friend of mine made it for 20 minutes and here is the cover:


I was very grateful for his help and he saved me, because it was compulsory to have a cover of your story book.

This year in the university we had a course of Photoshop CS6 and in the end we had to make something with the program. I choose to make a children’s book cover, because I never actually did mine.

After a sleepless night I made this, which I think is much better. Not that I think the previous one is bad, but it’s made only in 20 minutes and that is not enough time for a task like this.



I didn’t redraw anything or add something with Ps, I only organized them. All of the images are drawings from the high school final task, nothing is taken from Internet or something like that.

The text is in bulgarian and as you could probabbly guess it’s the fairytale’s title and the authors.

If you ever like, I’d be very happy to hear your personal opinion. :)

Finally here are some other pictures from the book:




Have a wonderful weekend!!