Time to color the hot summer days!

Time to color the hot summer days!

Haya, haya, haya, haya!

Today I have for you a new necklace. It combines contrast colors and makes a great summer trinket!


So this is the newest addition. It’s not something entirely new, I admit that. :)

But after all…for every piece of jewelry there has to be a partner in the world. For the round series of earrings this is the perfect fella! Of course we have to watch out with the colors, because if you put a lot of contrasting colors you could end up with kitsch.

So here are the materials (most of them)…

And in the end I have for you a bonus picture. If you see a piece of jewelry you always want to see how it fits, how long is it and etc. This, of course is how I think, maybe you’re the kind of person who likes and buys no matter how it fits and you’re a woman in it for the RISK. :D However…

Have a lot of amazing hot summer days and don’t forget to read, watch and craft in reasonable amounts!