8 layer bracelet

8 layer bracelet

Greetings to you all!

Two days ago I had my first order for something specific! My client wanted a bracelet and I had to make this peace of jewelry from a photograph. The great thing is that this design could be transformed in many colors and different number of layers. It’s not that hard to make, but takes long time and patience. Here are the materials I used:

Of course scissors, thread and needles are necessary in all things in this section of crafting…

And here they come – our most important guests…the Beads.

For this bracelet the most important material that makes the complete vision are the beads. They have to be chosen with precision, because the material that they’re made from is very important and of course the color and size of the beads.

I have put much thought into the making of this bracelet and I’m ready for a new challenge! This is what I’ve made and I’d be very happy If someone shares a new idea for this kind of bracelets or just wants this bracelet for himself. Both ways I’d be happy to talk over the matter, you know where to find me :D